Saturday, January 10, 2015

Koshi Tappu Lesser Known Reserve Of Nepal

Koshi Tappu is a bird watchers paradise and the reserve is named after the river Sun Koshi. The wetlands of the terai region of Nepal attracts hundreds of migratory birds from all over the globe. This silent & calm uncharted territory is hardly visited by tourists. This place would reap high rewards for an enthusiastic bird watcher. Do check out the wildlife orientation center in Koshi, it houses very exotic wildlife taxidermy such as Gangetic dolphins, wild buffalo, elephant fetus.  The mere fact that there are only 3 resorts around the reserve stands testimony for the low footfall this place sees.

Keep an eye out for the small signboards on Siddartha highway (10 km from Itahari.) that leads you on unpaved tracks in-between farmlands. Follow this stretch for 2.5 km and you reach the resort 'Koshi Tappu Bird Watching Camp.' We got to experience Nepali's love and hospitality. This is a very basic and budgeted property. Do not expect great amenities however, it is very clean and their service is excellent. They serve very good, fresh and organic food. The owner of the property is always around to take care of the guests.

There are two types of accommodation to choose from - Mud house and tents. We choose mud house it comes with a ceiling fan two very comfortable cots with mosquito nets and cozy quilts. The best part about the property is that there is a water body next to it that attracts birds.  An evening stroll around would be very fruitful.  Birds chirping around and water gushing down are like music to your ears and sets a perfect mood to enjoy a hot cup of tea. Please note as of now the resort does not provide attached bath.

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