Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Building The Perfect Travel First Aid Kit

The need for a handy and complete First Aid Kit is beyond any debate. 'It's better to be safe than sorry.' In case of an emergency, it will be of great help and can significantly improve chances of survival. From my experience, I have built a list of must haves in your First Aid Kit under three categories.

Basic Stuff To Carry

Band aids
Bandage Roll
Cotton Balls/swabs
Anti septic solution
Crepe band
Mosquito Repellent
Lip Balm
Pain Relief Spray
Blister Preventives
Disposable Gloves
Sun screen lotion
Anti Itch Cream
Antibiotic cream
Razor Blades
Safety Pins
Quality Lighter/Flint 
Flash Light
Adhesive Tape
Waterproof Bags
Swiss Army Knife
Hand Sanitizer
Clean Cloth
Water Purifiers (tablets/survivor filter)
First Aid Apps
Have emergency contact numbers/names written down
Hand book/PDF on how to treat basic health issues & administer first aid.
Prescription Specs
Chewing Gum
Garlic bulbs (Wonder drug, fights AMS)

Medicines For

Pain Killers 
Cold & Cough 
Anti Diarrhea 
Oral Re-hydration Packs
Heart burn/Gas/ Acid Indigestion
Nasal Drops
Antacid Salts
AMS (Altitude Sickness)
Motion Sickness
Nausea and Vomiting
Mouth Ulcer Gel
Aloe-vera gel

Personal Medicines & Conditions: If you have any personal health condition/allergies/ prescriptions be sure to carry them.

Destination and Duration of Your Trip: Based on your destination and duration carry adequate and appropriate medicines. Example: If you are on a jungle trek, be sure to carry mosquito repellent and Water Purification Tablets. If you are planning a high altitude trek, carry Disposable Small Oxygen Cylinders. 

Spending time reading and understanding a First Aid guide book is essential, you never know when you can save a life. Periodically, do check and replace expired medicines.

CAUTION: Do Consult A Physician For Accurate Medicines. I am not a doctor and these are just basic guidelines to help make your trip comfortable.

Have A Fantastic Trip!

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