Sunday, June 8, 2014

Drive Across Madhya Pradesh!

The Route Map
Call it fate, destiny or good planning, our second wedding anniversary was just around the corner and we decided to spend the whole month away. Living up to the tradition of month long anniversary celebration, last year we had toured Gujarat and Rajasthan by road and it was time for MP.

4 Wheels & 2 Souls
When you travel to a place, any misconceptions you have will turn out to be exactly THAT - "misconceptions!" After covering 4270 km and spending 43 daysMP truly took us by surprise. Right from the start we were shown great hospitality, greeted with smiling faces, got taste of traditional Indian Namaste everywhere. Best part of MP were the people - friendly, kind and helpful, making our trip even more memorable.

We were glad to meet a lot of like minded people who had quit their jobs to purse their passion. A marketing head from Bangalore & a vet doctor who decided to leave all creature comforts behind and have made the jungle their home.

Trip O Meter
Road trip to Heart Land of India - Land of the Royal Bengal Tiger, monuments, temples, holy Narmada, masjids, stupa, vindhya/satpura ranges & representing the land of Kamasutra, iconic Khajuraho temples. We covered 15 places, 3 world heritage sites, and 6 national parks. The sheer diversity of MP is awe-inspiring. It offers everything a tourist could dream of: wildlife, pilgrimage, historic monuments, adventure activities, prehistoric cave paintings, very first stone monument in India and the list does not end here.

Glimpse Of MP
We will soon be dedicating individual posts for each destination!

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