Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Story Of My Life!

Life is not about the Destination, but Journey!


Travelling liberated us from concrete jungle, a 9 to 5 desk job with a lot of perks/big pay check and many more creature comforts. We believed these kept us happy for over 7 long years.

From an early age we are tricked to believe that 'THINGS' give us happiness and one has to earn money to satisfy our materialistic needs and wants. As I started to earn and was able to fulfill those needs the list kept growing and I realized that at no point I'm going to be genuinely happy and satisfied with what I have.

A deep sense of missing the most important aspect of life was always lingering, ie living life! I wanted to break free from the monotonous life, set an alarm - wake up - eat breakfast - act busy - eat lunch - act busy for some more time - get back home - dinner - sleep. Do this over and over again for 5 days and wait for weekend to have fun.

It was at this point the most beautiful thing happened - I fell in love with the right person. Our mutual love for offbeat aspects got us together the bond flourished and it grew stronger as our mutual hatred towards materialistic things multiplied, magic happened we fell in love, got married and thus the journey started. Special thanks to Reshma for all the support, else I would be sitting behind a desk working on excel, repaying home loan.

Today we both have quit our jobs and are starting a new chapter in our lives. A business venture interlinked with travel. It may not be lucrative but it sure will keep us happy. 'Two Roads Diverge In a Yellow wood and we are taking the one less traveled...'

Before we could get remotely serious with anything in life we are planning to travel set ourselves free and take the leap of faith!

You have one life- Live it to your heart's content!


  1. Awesome,,, I just quit my job after 12 years of living in Box( as good as living in the coffin while alive) with same thoughts and aspirations ... Sometimes I keep thinking if I made a mistake,, specially when i feel i cannot afford "That expensive thing" which I would have other wise bought very easily..... but it took some time for me understand Life is more valuable that " that expensive thing"... kudos to both of you.... live life.. cheers

    1. Congrats Aruna on quitting your job! Glad to know you are living your dream life. I agree making memories is more precious and valuable than buying expensive things.


  2. What a wonderful story you both share. Good to know that you are enjoying yourselves, which many of us are not.
    Be happy and keep us posted about your travels :)

    1. Thanks for the wishes Alok. It took a while to call it quits but ultimately Passion for travel overrode everything else :)

  3. Good on you guys!! Best wishes!!

  4. Beautiful. All the best for your new start.