Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dhubela Museum

Chhatrasal Museum, the largest museum in the State of MP, on the Khajuraho - Orccha highway is a must visit. In this very site there stood a Palace, the ruins of which still stand in bits & pieces. This was not in our itinerary, but we made sure we stop over as this was highly recommended by the locals.

The museum, divided into 8 sections, houses artifacts from the 3rd century. Relics displayed are from Gupta, Kalchuri & Chandela periods focusing on art, painting, antique sculptures, arms & artillery.

Don't miss the canon of Adil Sher Shah from 18 century AD.

Within the museum compound stands the Mastani Mahal built 1696 AD, which was once a beautiful palace. It was built by the Maharaja for a beautiful dancer and now stands as a monument which says who loves whom!

Around the museum are many more ruined monuments, one can spot the 18th century  tomb of Sawai Singh from the highway a little before the museum.

Even in the most unexpected corners of India lies priceless treasures! Oh you Incredible India.