Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bhimbetka - Cave Dwellers

Day 42 Sanchi to Bhimbetka

Distance: 50 km
Road Condition: Good

Cave dwellings
Bhimbetka caves, lying in the lap of the Vindhya ranges, are a gift from our forefathers, aka cavemen! These long lost rock shelters were discovered by Dr. Vishnu Sridhar in 1957. This World Heritage Monument offers a pictorial representation of how our ancestors lived their lives during the Stone Age. The rich paintings and art depict day to day activities, it is hard to believe that plant extracts used as colors centuries ago look amazing even today.

These caves were inhabited by human race from Paleolithic time up-to Medieval period. The bright green and red colors extracted from plants and minerals have been dated to 100000 B.P. The quality of the paintings and art forms are splendid. Scenes from celebration, warfare, hunting, & figures of humans, animals, mythical creatures are portrayed with great precision.

Though the outside temperature was at 42 degree, as soon as you enter the caves the temperature drops significantly.

The following piece of art depicts a scene of two elephants with long uplifted tusks. You can see a caveman standing on one of them holding a spear and wearing a sword on his waist.

Among the figures of various animals, pay close attention and you will be able to spot the hand print of a small child.

A Royal procession is depicted here, horsemen & soldiers armed with bows, arrows, swords & shields. The horsemen are accompanied by drummers.

 Men in formation and a peacock next to them.

Hunting scenes - you can see men hunting deers with bow & arrow.

Ginormous Boar
Men in Battle Formation
Children Playing
We end our MP trip with this place. With great memories we head back home- Hyderabad.


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    1. So true Yugishtha and not just National Parks, the temples, ruins, forts all of them just leave you awe-struck.

  2. The pictures are so beautiful! Great to connect with history...