Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kachari Kingdom Legacy Lives On In Dimapur

A series of mushroom shaped monoliths are the trace of the existence of Kachari Kingdom in Dimapur. Though the reason for these monoliths and their purpose is a mystery that is yet to be unraveled, it is still a sight to behold. Sadly, apart from these monoliths and ruins, nothing much is left of the massive fort. These monoliths were extremely lucky to have survived the test of time.

Apart from an iron railing erected around the ruins, no other care and importance has been taken to preserve this monumental site of historic importance. The government too purely looks at monuments as a money making model rather than preserving our ancient monuments.No wonder the lesser known ones are left in a pathetic condition. To make matter worse, the locals treat this as a dump yard. We Indians have absolute zero respect for our monuments and history. These are the monuments that we have to be proud of but are in a very sorry state. 

The monuments that don't fall under the revenue generating category are totally neglected and we as responsible citizens immediately turn them into dump yards or worst urinals. The government can only take initiatives such as "Swacch Bharat" Mission but it is every citizen's duty to keep the Nation clean.

Dimapur is the only place in Nagaland which does not require a permit. However, to visit other parts of Nagaland you would need the Inner Line Permit, which can be obtained from the Deputy Commissioner's Office at Dimapur. No wonder, Dimapur is termed as the gateway to Nagaland.

While in Dimapur, Rajnandini Restaurant is the best in town. We dined there regularly during our stay and every dish turned out to be awesome. Their service is very good and pricing is totally budget friendly. A very good meal for two including a soup, starter and main course costed us Rs.250.

IRCTC restaurant at Dimapur railway station comes as a pleasant surprise. The hotel is doing brisk business with good ambience and healthy service quality. They had an extensive menu to choose from. The place was clean and the piping hot food served was awesome. What came as even nicer surprise was a pluck card that read "Birthdays and kitty parties could be celebrated here." Something that we were used to seeing in burger and pizza joints. To access the restaurant one does not have to buy platform tickets.

Tourist Lodge at Dimapur is a sparkling new stay option for tourists, thanks to the renovation it is one of the best accommodations. They offer suite, deluxe and single rooms at Rs.2000, 1000 and 500 respectively. The rooms are very spacious and are equipped with all basic amenities and also have a sit out. The suite is the only room that comes with a geyser. It is centrally located but if you can put up with laid back service, this would be an awesome place.

Another option that can be considered is hotel Jal Mahal, right opposite the Tourist Lodge. The rooms are spacious with clean and fresh sheets and has all basic amenities. WiFi can be accessed from their hotel lobby. The rooms have hot water and they are priced at  Rs.1500. The best part about the hotel is the proximity to the railway station and state transport bus stand from where one can take buses to all parts of Nagaland and neighboring states. DC office is 3 km away from here.

Both Dimapur and Guwahati have plenty of ATMs.


  1. This is quite interesting. Will definitely be checking this out when I head to Nagaland

    1. Thanks and have a good trip. There is plenty more to check out in Nagaland.