Sunday, August 17, 2014


Day 40 Gwalior To Bhopal

Distance 424 km 
Road condition: Moderate to Bad

Bhopal, the Capital of Madhya Pradesh, comes as a big surprise for people from metros or any developed cities. It is way ahead of it's time - brilliantly planned city with wide roads, express lanes for bus, immaculately functioning signals & people following traffic rules adds more beauty to the city.

The Upper & Lower lakes in Bhopal are very well kept and makes it an ideal place for a perfect evening. Sail, speed boats & ferries are available for hire, cruising on one of them & watching the sunset makes it a great experience.

Be sure to check out the Imposing Taj-ul-Masjid in old city. This is believed to be the largest Mosque in India. The most striking feature of the Mosque is the pillars towering to great heights flaunting brilliant Islamic architecture.

Jama Masjid, built in 1837, continues to impress people with its gold spikes on the domes. It would be a great idea to visit this mosque early in the morning when it is free from all chaos. The lanes that lead to the Masjid would be very crowded later during the day owing to the several hundred shops that have mushroomed around.

Sair Sapata: This amusement park on the other side of the lake is a great place for kids to have a ball. The toy train being the highlight, there are quite a few restaurants to pamper your taste buds. There are plenty of other activities to keep the kids engaged.

Despite all development and buzz there still lingers a dark shadow on Bhopal reminding us of the 'Bhopal Gas Tragedy.' The Union Carbide Factory that stands as a testimony of the tragedy that had befallen on Bhopal. The factory, in ruins today, continues to contaminate the environment and the area is still off-limits.

We checked into Hotel Sarthak in New Market. The rooms are spacious & clean, their service is good. Location of the hotel is brilliant. The food is good. Rooms offer a TV & fridge. They have exclusive car park.

From here we head to Sanchi

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