Monday, October 23, 2017

Backpacking Across Budget Friendly Southeast Asia!

After 3 years of traveling in India we step out of our comfort zone, this time embarking on a slow backpacking trip across 4 beautiful South East Asian countries steeped in history, culture and also have seen their share of war and tough times.

For a long time we did not feel like traveling out of India as our Incredible Nation offers so much for a traveler. However, these backpacker friendly and hassle free Nations with simple Visa process fed our travel bud and we felt it was about time that we experience more of Asia. 

We step out to make more memories and add colors to our lives!!



  1. Very pleasant to hear the phrase "our Incredible Nation offers so much for a traveler". Do explore Asia and keep posting new stuffs you discover while you travel , so that it remains as a footprint to others

    1. Thanks a bunch Monica to take time and comment. Glad you liked the post.